The companies of the future: super prize to the Perugian startup

The Flormart Future Village Award was awarded. The best green startup is Serranova from Perugia, who invented a particular type of greenhouse that allows plants to grow at a speed up to four times higher than the norm. Audience Award to Canvasalus which deals with advanced research on hemp.

The modular greenhouse, conceived by architect and designer Stefano Chiocchini, won the first edition of the Flormart Future Village, the innovative heart – conceived and organized by Blum – of the seventieth edition of the international green fair, which saw eight young companies compete, selected by a special announcement, in a pavilion dedicated to innovation in the seventieth edition of Flormart, the international exhibition of horticulture, landscape architecture and green architecture that took place at the Padua Fair from 26 to 28 September.

The companies of the future: super prize to the Perugian startup: it is the best in the green sector in Italy
“Serranova allows you to grow organic vegetables and vegetables ensuring growth up to 3 or 4 times faster than normal, thanks to the photoluminescent powders incorporated in the glass that convert sunlight or artificial light into luminous frequencies very close to the peaks of chlorophyll photosynthesis, releasing it progressively with an intensity similar to that of the sun at noon. Canvasalus, a young company that develops research on hemp, received the award from the public who crowded the Village over the three days.

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