The urban garden of the future produces
directly at home
grow faster save energy save water

Who we are

Serranova is the outdoor and indoor modular urban garden that guaranteesspeed of cultivation,but at the same time more nutritious and healthy vegetables, directly at home, all year round.

Energy saving

Energy saving

Our patented photoluminescence technology dramatically reduces energy costs and increases yield

Water saving

Water saving

With an automated and cyclic irrigation system, it saves up to 95% of the water used by traditional greenhouses, also accumulating and filtering rainwater

Clean Air

Clean Air

Inside Serranova, the air is purified of bacteria, hydrocarbons and pathogens, there is no need for pesticides and no need to change mechanical filters.



Anyone can be a perfect farmer, with Serranova’s intelligent local and remote automation


Anyone can be a perfect farmer, with Serranova's intelligent local and remote automation
photoluminescence to save energy and accelerate the harvest, always of quality, all year round.


to grow faster while saving energy …

Innovative air filter

pure environment and reduced maintenance

Local and Remote Automation

local and remote access for control

Automatic irrigation

water is an irreplaceable good, let’s not waste it …

The Future of Urban Agriculture


Become a Witness to the future of urban agriculture too

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